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Game Guide

Weapons Of War Awakening Game Guide

Apprenticeship System

Help other players in quests and caves and become their master with the game's apprenticeship feature! Receive various rewards each time your apprentice reach a level milestone. You will also gain reputation points which you can use to purchase purple grade equipment.

You can recruit an apprentice after you reached level 30.

Level Achievement Reward

Receive free items that can help aid you in battle as you reach level milestones in the game! The WoW Egg can be obtained from the NPC in Green scarp. The egg contains rewards such as Lavender Tiger (7D), Upgrade Gems, Health Potions and more.

Leveling Guide

Weapons Of War Awakening is a mix of quest, dungeon and grinding game. We highly recommend you to do quests in the earlier stage of the game to level up faster while also getting stronger gears from quest rewards. You will also have to enter caves with your friends to finish scenario quests that will give you massive exp rewards and reputation points.

Weapon Enhancing System

Increase your weapon's damage and unlock more abilities by enhancing your weapon's level.

World Boss and Veteran Raid

Obtain rare items to strengthen your character by raiding the veteran or world boss. There will be a timer available for players to see if they are currently alive or dead.

Blood Palace War

Conquer the blood palace with your friends and become the strongest guild in the game by winning the Blood Palace War which will happen once a week.